Fishing in Dunnellon, Florida

More than three dozen types of fish call Dunnellon’s Rainbow & Withlacoochee Rivers their home. The most popular is the largemouth bass. While the Rainbow is a great place to sight fish bass, the Withlacoochee offers more hiding and bigger fish to catch.

The Rainbow River has other freshwater site fishing opportunities with bluegill, bowfin, alligator gar, redbreast sunfish, and spotted sunfish. The best time to fish on the Rainbow is about 6 AM, just before the sun peeks over the trees.

The Withlacoochee River is remote fishing at its finest. This river has dense forest on both sides. The water is tinted black during the rainy season, but is clearer when the water levels are low. Some of the best freshwater fish live in this river: chain pickerel, catfish, speckled perch, and bream.

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